Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer

Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer

It is especially designed to serve as a basic text for undergraduate course in Heat and Mass Transfer for students of Mechanical/ Chemical/ Aeronautic/ Production/ Metallurgical Engineering. The book follows the straight forward presentation of an extensive discussion of basic topics, classical pattern treating the subject analytically and numerically. Throughout the text, the emphasis has been laid on clear understanding of the theoretical concepts followed by the pertinent applications. Addressing the need of students, the book enumerates the required steps towards the solution of numerical problems by the use of systematic procedure characterized by a prescribed format.

1. Concepts and Mechanisms of Heat Flow
2. Conduction - Basic Equations
3. Steady State Conduction without Heat Generation
4. Steady State Conduction with Heat Generation
5. Heat Transfer from Extended Surfaces
6. Transient Heat Conduction
7. Principles of Convection
8. External Flow
9. Internal Flow
10. Natural Convection
11. Condensation and Boiling
12. Thermal Radiation : Properties and Processes
13. Radiation Exchange Between Surfaces
14. Heat Exchanges
15. Mass Transfer
16. Experiments in Engineering Heat Transfer