Engineering Mathematics Part I

Worthwhile introductory for those students studying undergraduate engineering degrees.

Chapter 1: Successive Differentiation and Leibnitz Theorem

Chapter 2: Partial Differentiation (Euler's theorem)

Chapter 3: Change of Independent Variables

Chapter 4: Curve Tracing

Chapter 5: Expansions of Functions (Taylor and Maclaurin's Series For One Variable)

Chapter 6: Expansion of Function of Several Variables

Chapter 7: Jacobians

Chapter 8: Approximations of Errors

Chapter 9: Extrema of Function of Several Variables for One Variable (Lagrange's Method of Multipliers)

Chapter 10: Matrices

Chapter 11: Application of Matrices to Engineering Problems

Chapter 12: Linear Algebra

Chapter 13: Multiple Integrals (Double and Triple Integrals)

Chapter 14: Beta and Gamma Functions (Dirichlet's Integral)

Chapter 15: Vector Differentiation

Chapter 16: Gradient, Divergence and Curl

Chapter 17: Vector Integration