Engineering Mathematics Part III Engineering Mathematics Part III

Engineering Mathematics Part III

In this age of high speed computation, it is very easy to apply the numerical methods
to analyze the problems in physical sciences, engineering and technology.

First of all the related problem is formulated with the help of mathematics and then shaped
into the form amenable to the machine solution. During this formulation and high
speed computation, always there is a possibility of error in the final solution. This
chapter is about the errors in the numerical computations.

Unit-1 Function of Complex Variables

  • Analytical Functions
  • Complex Integration
  • Power Series and Calculus of Residues

Unit-2 Statistical Techniques

  • Statistics
  • Curve Fitting
  • Correlation and Regression
  • Probability Theory

Unit-3 Statistical Techniques -II

  • Binomial Poisson and Normal Distribution
  • Sampling theory
  • Tests of Significations and its Applications
  • Time Series and Forecasting
  • Statistical Quality Control

Unit-4 Number Techniques-I

  • Solutions of Algebraic and Transcendental Equation
  • Final Differences and Interpolation

Unit-5 Numerical Techniques-II

  • Solution of system of Linear Equation
  • Numerical differentiation and Integration
  • Solution of differential Equation

Appendix A Errors in the Numerical Computations
Appendix B Question Bank