Engineering Physics Engineering Physics

Engineering Physics

The book Engineering Physics has been lucidly presented for the regular use of both students and teachers of physics. The book is a single volume text covering practically all the topics in the syllabi of engineering physics . This book will also be of great help to undergraduate students of physics.

Salient features of the book are as follows:

  • This book provides in-focus section, solved problems and examples and it also contains a large number of thought provoking MCQs. Typical questions, hints and meaningful exercises are at the end of each chapter.
  • The book has several sets of model questions for each semester. The chapters and examples have been presented so that students can use them for examination preparation.
  • The whole text, a rare combination of clarity and brevity, along with the appendices and bibliography have been planned in a special way to encourage students to pursue further study in the subject.


1. Classical Mechanics
2. Electricity and Magnetism
3A. Vibration and Waves
3B. Polarisation of Light
3C. Interference of Light
3D. Diffraction of Light
4. Special Theory of Relativity
5. Quantum Mechanics
6. Classical Statistics and Quantum Statistics
7. Crystal Structure
8. Laser and Fibre Optics
9. Nuclear Physics