The present book Engineering Physics Practicals presents itself in a very lucid style so that students can easily understand the concepts and procedures of the experiments with-out much strain and is motivated to learn the concepts and principles with more zeal and interest. The main motivation and inspiration for writing this textbook is due to various problems posed during teaching, learning process besides the stimulating discussions with eminent and
experience persons in the field. This book aims mainly for First Year B.Tech. students or undergraduate engineering students.

Chapter 1 Vernier Calipers
Chapter 2 Screw Gauge
Chapter 3 Spherometer
Chapter 4 Coupled Oscillator
Chapter 5 Volume Resonator
Chapter 6 Sonometer: Verification of Laws of Stretched Strings
Chapter 7 Frequency of AC Supply
Chapter 8 A.C. Sonometer-Electromagnet Method
Chapter 9 Newton's Rings
Chapter 10 Parallel Fringes
Chapter 11 Diffraction Grating
Chapter 12 Dispersion of Light
Chapter 13 Torsional Pendulum
Chapter 14 Spectrometer-Determination of Cauchy's Constants
Chapter 15 Lasers-Diffraction due to a Single Slit
Chapter 16 Lasers-Diffraction due to a Double Slit
Chapter 17 Numerical Aperture of Optical Fiber
Chapter 18 Diffraction due to Single Slit (Sodium Light)
Chapter 19 Diffraction due to Double Slit (Sodium Light)
Chapter 20 Study of Losses in Optical Fibers
Chapter 21 Meldes Experiment
Chapter 22 Magnetic Field along the Axis of a Current Carrying Circular Coil�¢??Stewart and Gee's Method
Chapter 23 Energy Gap of Material of a pn Junction
Chapter 24 Study of Time Constant for RC Circuit
Chapter 25 The Series RLC Circuit
Chapter 26 The Parallel RLC Circuit