English Grammer Without Tears English Grammer Without Tears

English Grammer Without Tears

This book has been written with a view to providing a simple grammar book for all those who want to learn English, the language used world over. It does not claim any originality excepting for its highly user - friendly treatment of the subject. Written in simple language with numerous examples, this book , it is hoped , will amply help the readers understand the essentials of English Grammar with ease and without the help of a master.

1. Parts of Speech
2. Sentenses, Phrases and Clauses, Subject and Predicate
3. The Noun
4. The Pronoun
5. The Verb
6. Agreement of the Verb with the Subject
7. The Adjective
8. The Adverb
9. Prepositions
10. Conjuctions
11. Tenses
12. The Sequence of Tenses
13. Degrees of Comparison
14. Transformation of Simple, Complex, Compound and Multiple Sentences
15. Active and Passive Voice
16. Direct and Indirect Speech
17. Articles
18. Punctuation
19. Question Tags or Tag Questions
20. Comprehension
21. Precis-writing
22. Indianism
23. Words Confused and Misused
24. Miscellaneous
25. Corrections
26. Story Writing
27. Letter Writing