Ensuring Sustainability in Forestry Ensuring Sustainability in Forestry

Ensuring Sustainability in Forestry

In view of the current international concerns, threats to natural ecosystems and biological diversity, deforestation, forest degradation, and multifaceted effects of climate change, certification can prove to be an important tool to ensure sustainable use of forest resources. It comprises many elements pointing to a new form of multi- stakeholder governance, which is also expected to lead to better governance and satisfaction of the user's needs.

Forest certification is an innovative approach to independently verify the quality of forest management and to communicate this to market players to improve market benefits for the products developed through good management. Certification provides a guarantee to buyers that their purchase comes from well-managed forests that do not favour unsustainable or inequitable practices, which are the main cause of forest problems. But more important is the role of certification in providing an incentive to forest owners and managers to raise the standard of their forest management. Current certification initiatives are developing against a rapidly changing background of international and national initiatives in forestry, biodiversity, conservation, environmental management systems, climate change considerations, and tradeâ€"many of which also aim to achieve sustainable forestry on the ground.

1.Sustainability and Forestry

2. Concept and Evolution of Forest Certification

3. Schemes for Certification

4. Potential and Status of Certified Forest Products

5. Process of Certification of Forests

6. Expectations of Stakeholders

7. Economics of Forest Certification

8. Addressing Sustainability

9. Certification of Forests and Issues of Environmental Conservation

10. Different Certification Systems: convergence issues

11. SFM, Forest Certification, and Climate Change Regulations

12. Developing Certification of Forests in India: rationale and options

13. Challenges of Certification

14. Future of Forest Certification