Environmental Studies Basic Concepts Environmental Studies Basic Concepts

Environmental Studies Basic Concepts

The topic of environment and its protection is a matter of primary concern for all. It is essential that all citizens, students in particular, must have an understanding and knowledge of the environment. The objective of this book is to create awareness among readers on the significance of the environment and its role in the survival of mankind. Various issues pertaining to environmental degradation and pollution have been explained. The book provides a comprehensive overview on the components of the environment and its management, natural resources, ecosystems, biodiversity, pollution, and relevant social issues. A chapter has been dedicated to expound the inter-linkages between human population and the environment. The author has collected data from several authentic sources to cite many real life examples.

1. Introduction

2. Natural Resources

3. Ecosystems

4. Biodiversity

5. Pollution

6. Social Issues and the Environment

7. Human Population and the Environment

8. Management of the Environment