From Sunlight to Electricity From Sunlight to Electricity

From Sunlight to Electricity

Electricity is one of the most vital energy sources for economic

activities. The economic development of a country by and large

depends on its efficient supply. It can help in transforming the way

people live and work. In India, the rural electrification programme

started in the 1950s with the aim of promoting economic development

and improving the quality of life in rural areas. However, the impact

of the programme has been very low. Scattered households in rural

areas and the high cost of extending grid electricity supply to these

areas have been identified as reasons. Installations of SPV (solar

photovoltaic) systems for small-scale electricity generation directly

from sunlight can help improve activities in the domestic, health

care, agriculture, education, and micro-enterprises sectors. SPV

systems have been considered as one of the best options for rural

infrastructure projects in electrified/unelectrified areas.

Chapter I

Overview of solar photovoltaic programme worldwide

Chapter II

Components of photovoltaic systems

Chapter III

Applications of photovoltaic systems

Chapter IV

Designing a photovoltaic system

Chapter V

Cost of photovoltaic systems

Chapter VI

Maintenance of photovoltaic systems

Chapter VII

Overview of the solar photovoltaic programme in India

Chapter VIII

Overview of international photovoltaic programme



Annexe 1

Solar PV manufacturers in India

Annexe 2

List of programme implementation agencies

Annexe 3

RE-related international organizations in India

Annexe 4

List of important solar PV-related websites