Fundamentals of Marketing Fundamentals of Marketing

Fundamentals of Marketing

This textbook covers the fundamental marketing concepts that any marketing or business student, marketing manager or candidate interested in the discipline of marketing should understand.

Marketing management is a broad scope of the study of marketing focusing on the practical application of the techniques and marketing activities of a certain company or business. This business discipline encompasses marketing planning and strategy, orientations, and processes needed in attaining company goals by providing value to clients. Since it has a wide coverage involving all factors required to satisfy customers, marketing management must be all-pervasive and a part of every employee's scope of work, from subordinates to those in higher management.

1. Marketing: Nature, Scope and Importance
2. Marketing Environment
3. Marketing Mix and Marketing Plan
4. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
5. Consumer Behaviour
6. Product Concepts and Product Life Cycle
7. Product Planning, Development and Product Identification
8. Pricing
9. Marketing Communication and Marketing Research
10. Promotion Mix
11. Advertising
12. Advertising Budget, Media and Public Relations
13. Personal Selling and Management of Sales Force
14. Sales Forecasting, Sales Promotion and Publicity
15. Physical Distribution
16. Channels of Distribution
17. Strategic Marketing Planning and Competitive Marketing Strategies
18. Marketing Organizations and Control of Marketing Operations
19. Rural Marketing
20. Marketing of Services Banking, Transport and Insurance
21. E-Commerce and CRM
22. Few Issues in Marketing: Globalization and Green Marketing