Geometry and Trigonometry Geometry and Trigonometry

Geometry and Trigonometry

This text is particularly useful for those studying mathematics.


1. The General Equation of the Second Degree (Tracing of Conics)

2. General Conics, Contacts and Confocals

3. Polar Equation of a Conic

4. Systems of Co-ordinates

5. Direction Cosines and Projections

6. The Plane

7. The Straight Line

8. The Sphere

9. The Cone

10. The Cylinder

11. The Conicoids

12. The Paraboloids

13. Generating Lines

14. The Plane Sections of Conicoids

15. Reduction of General Equation of Second Degree


16. Complex Numbers

17. Exponential, Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions of a

Complex Variable (Separation into Real and Imaginary Parts

18. Logarithms of Complex Numbers

19. Inverse Circular and Hyperbolic Functions of Complex Numbers

20. Gregory's Series

21. Summation of Trigonometrical Series