Get Well Soon Allergies

Ever Wondered why some of your friends start sneezing when they go near flowers? Or why some of your classmates cough while wiping the blackboard? What makes some of us itch when we get into a chlorinated swimming pool? The cause is an allergy. But what is an allergy? Why does it happen? Filled with answers to such questions, this book introduces you to naughty allergens and how antibodies fight back. It tells you how different parts of your body take on an allergy. It also helps you understand what you can do to keep those nasty sneezes, itches, and coughs away.

Achhoo! Itch! Scratch! Cough!
Yup, that is an Allergy!
Meet the Allergens
Immune System: Body's Guard
Asthma Attack!
Here Comes the Doc!
Beat Back the Bug!
Strange Allergies
Allergies, Out You Go!
What's the Word?
Words to Remember