Get Well Soon Fever

F-e-v-e-r. Five feared letters. Sometimes you shiver, though it is hot. At times, the fever brings with it a sore throat and a runny nose. Sometimes, your whole body aches. But, did you know that fever is your body's mechanism of driving naughty germs away by warming itself up? Were you also aware that bacteria cause a painful throat or that a flu vaccine contains the dead flu virus? Packed with useful information, this book deals with the causes and symptoms, as well as the safety measures to control fever. Most importantly, it takes the fear out of those five letters.

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!
The Tiny Troublemakers
Frog in your Throat!
Bad, Bad Virus!
Other Fevers
Enter, the Doctor
Getting Better
Meet your Medicine
Guard against Germs
Guessing Game
Words to Remember