Golden Co-ordinate Geometry Golden Co-ordinate Geometry

Golden Co-ordinate Geometry

The book 'Golden Co-ordinate Geometry' has been designed to meet the requirements of students of Degree and Honours classes of various Universities. It will also be found useful by the students preparing for various competitive examinations.

The author has more than four decades of experience of teaching mathematics to graduate classes and has first hand experience of problems and difficulties faced by students. The book has been written with the conviction that a good book needs minimum guidance from the teacher and is self-sufficient for clarity of basic concepts.

1. The Point
2. The Straight Line
3. Two or More Straight Lines
4. Change of Axes
5. The Circle
6. Two or More Circles
7. The Parabola
8. The Ellipse
9. Hyperbola
10. The General Equation of the Second Degree and Tracing of Conics