Graph Theory Graph Theory

Graph Theory

The book 'Graph Theory' is a concise introduction to the fundamentals of graph theory. This book has written in reader-friendly style with the features that enhance students' comprehension. This is a suitable textbook for the students of M.C.A., B.C.A., B.Sc. and different branches of engineering.
Salient features of this book:

  • A large number of solved examples are included
  • Systematic and sequential arrangement of different topics
  • Concise and to-the-point description of all the topics
  • Each chapter contains an extensive list of exercises
  • Eminently suitable for self-study.
  • 1. Elementary Combinatorics
    2. Discrete Numeric Functions and Generating Functions
    3. Recurrence Relations
    4. Graphs
    5. Euler and Hamiltonian Graphs
    6. Trees
    7. Cut-sets and Network Flows
    8. Planar and Dual Graphs
    9. Vector Spaces of a Graph
    10. Matrix-representation of Graphs
    11. Coloring of Graphs
    12. Directed Graphs
    13. Enumeration of Graphs
    14. Applications of Graph Theory