Handbook on C Language Handbook on C Language

Handbook on C Language

A handbook on C Language is a unique book to serve the students community, teachers and professionals in the field of C Programming. The book written in user friendly language is enriched with the following features:

  • The topics in each chapter are covered from beginning level to advanced level of C language.
  • ADvanced topics like files, linked lists, stacks, queues, etc. have been illustrated in an easy to understand manner.
  • Each and every topic has been explained with examples and illustrations.
  • A sufficient number of programming examples have been provided in the book after the topics and as a separate portion in the form of More Worked Out Examples.
  • Programs have been tested and successfully run. Actual screen shots have also been given.
  • Programming examples and graded programs have been given to make it more user friendly.

Chapter 1. Introduction to C
Chapter 2. Input and Output Functions in C
Chapter 3. Data Types in C
Chapter 4. Operators and Expressions in C
Chapter 5. I/O Functions
Chapter 6. Flow of Control, Decision Making and Loops
Chapter 7. Functions in C
Chapter 8. Arrays in C
Chapter 9. Pointers
Chapter 10. Structures
Chapter 11. File Processing in C
Chapter 12. Data Structures : Linked Lists
Chapter 13. Data Structures : Stacks
Chapter 14. Data Structures : Queue