This book is targeted primarily towards students: business school students and undergraduates who would like a career in equity research, particularly in asset management i.e. on the buy side. The book should also be helpful for other people who want to get into the industry, for example those with experience in other areas of finance or in other industries altogether. However, many of the examples I use and much of the advice I give is written with students and people who are early in their careers in mind.

Chapter 1 Understand the Asset Management Industry, the Analyst Role, and the Differences between the Buy and Sell Side 1
Chapter 2 You Need to Have a Good Resume/CV and Cover Letter 19
Chapter 3 How to Get an Interview 35
Chapter 4 Understand the Different Interview Types and Learn How to Prepare for Them 43 i. Understand and Prepare for the Resume /CV Review Interview 49 ii. Understand and Prepare for the Stock Pitch Interview 59 iii. Understand and Prepare for Case and Brainteaser Interviews 95 iv. Understand and Prepare for the Hostile Interview 99 v. Understand and Prepare for the Stock Presentation Interview 102 vi. Understand and Prepare for the "Analyze a Stock on the Day" Interview 109 vii. Expect Several Rounds of Interviews 117
Chapter 5 Key Interviewing Tips 119 Chapter 6 If You Don't Succeed This Time 133 Chapter 7 Now That You've Got the Job: A Few Tips 137 Appendix 153