Human Resource Management Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Human resource management is an essential part of every manager's responsibility. Many organizations find it useful to setup a specialist section to provide expert services on the performance of human resource functions. Today, no member in any organization would disagree with the statement that "people are the most valuable asset of an organization." But in reality, in many organizations this most valuable resource remains under-valued, under-trained and under-utilized.

A candidate is routed through all the selection steps including selection tests before a recruitment decision is made. If right personnel are selected, the remaining functions of human resources management become easier. The employees' contribution and commitment will be at an optimum level and employee-employer relations will be congenial.

The main purpose of the book is to provide comprehensive study material touching the varied aspects of human resource management. In all, the book provides a refreshing insight into all that a reader wants to know about human resource management.


1. Introduction
2. Human Resources Planning
3. Training and Development
4. Trade Unions
5. Performance Evaluation