Human Resource Management Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

The book has been designed specifically for students of management. Managers as well as would be managers would also find this book useful as it would help in preparing them to meet the challenges faced by organizations.

There has been a shift in employee behaviour and also in employer and employee relationship in globally competitive economy. The field of business has been undergoing a fundamental change. In the 1960s, business expertise was by-the numbers, focused on sharpening strategy, analyzing alternatives, and maximizing the bottom line. By mid 1970's, this numbers driven model was losing its appeal. The professors at business schools believed that it was no longer useful for a leader to set strategy by knowing the right thing to do, through expertise and in-depth analysis; that approach had led to some well-publicized failures. So business schools developed a new approach, which held that no manager could know everything—that expertise was based in the knowledge an organization's employees developed, and that a smart leader built a strong team that could marshal that knowledge.


1. Nature, Scope and Concept of HRM
2. Strategic Human Resource Management
3. Human Resource Planning
4. Job Analysis and Job Design
5. Recruitment and Retention
6. Selection
7. Induction and Socialization
8. Training
9. Management Development
10. Career Development
11. Job Evaluation
12. Compensation
13. Performance Appraisal
14. Human Resource Audit, Human Resource Accounting, Management by Objectives and Balanced Score Card
15. Internal Mobility
16. Application of Industrial Psychology and Morale
17. Knowledge Worker and Human Resource Management
18. Industrial Relations
19. Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining
20. Employee Discipline and Grievance Procedure
21. Work, Commitment, Engagement, Motivation, Job Satisfaction, Alienation and Stress
22. Human Resource Information System
23. Leadership, Values and Corporate Social Responsibility
24. Stress at Work