Human Values and Professional Ethics Human Values and Professional Ethics

Human Values and Professional Ethics

This book is provides important insights for the budding Engineer. It aims to present all the scientific fundamentals in one easy way. Various topics have been covered in a comprehensive and lucid manner. It also emphasizes the connections among different areas of the subject such as–Renewable and Non-renewable Resources, Ecosystem, Biodiversity and its Significance, Waste Water Treatment, Air Quality Engineering, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management and Mediation, Socio-legal and Moral issues involved in man-environment interaction.

1. Introduction to Human Values and Professional Ethics

2. Ethical Codes and Areas of Ethics

3. Various Ethical Issues and Approaches

4. Environmental Ethics

5. Human Values: Morals, Values and Ethics

6. Profession and Engineering Ethics

7. Ethics and its Relationship with similar Concepts

8. Way to Approach and Solve the Ethical Problems

9. Theories of Ethics

10. Uses of Ethical Theories

11. Engineering as Social Experimentation

12. Safety, Responsibilities and Rights

13. Responsibilities of Engineers

14. Organizational Values

15. Intellectual Property

16. Global Issues in Ethics

17. Professional Ethics Issues and implications