Hydrogen Economy Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen Economy

Today air pollution and global warming are the two most important environmental hazards faced by humankind. Both have a direct link with our current over-dependence on fossil fuels. Pollutants produced from combustion of hydrocarbons now cause even more health problems. The net increase in environmental carbon dioxide from combustion is a susceptible cause for global warming, which is endangering earth? the only known place to support human life. In addition, the import of expensive hydrocarbon fuel has become a heavy burden on many countries, causing political and economic unrest. If we look at the past 2000 years' history of fuels, usage has consistently moved in the direction of a cleaner fuel: wood? coal ? petroleum ? propane ? methane. With time, the fuel molecule has become smaller, leaner in carbon, and richer in hydrogen. The last major move was to opt for methane as a fuel; it is a much cleaner burn than gasoline.

1. Energy and Development

2. Significance of Hydrogen Economy

3. Hydrogen Production

4. Hydrogen Storage

5. Transportation, Distribution, and Utilization of Hydrogen

6. Hydrogen Hazards Assessment and Safety