Information Systems Information Systems

Information Systems

Students understand systems and the role of ICT in enabling systems. They learn the characteristic of good systems permitting them to suggest how existing systems should be changed. They learn the affordances, directions and limits of hardware, software, and networks in both personal and organisational dimensions. They also learn to appreciate that as technical capabilities change and new ones arise, more opportunities to apply ICT for efficiency, effectiveness and innovation are afforded. They learn the process for developing and immplementing new or improved systems and the activities of IS professionals in this process

1. Being a Systems Innovator
2. Achieving Efficiency and Effectiveness through Systems
3. Achieving efficiency and effectiveness through systems design
4. Business process modeling and process management
5. Information systems methodologies
6. Implementing systems
7. How hardware and software contribute to efficiency and effectiveness
8. Utilizing Data for Efficiency and Effectiveness
9. Managing data for efficiency
10. Opportunities in the Network Age
11. Opportunities in business to business systems
12. Opportunities in Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
13. Opportunities for new organizational forms
14. Information Systems Security
15. Avoiding information systems failures
16. Moving forward as a systems innovator