Integral Equations Integral Equations

Integral Equations

Integral equations form one of the most useful techniques in many branches of pure analysis, such as the theories of functional analysis and Stochastic process. It is one of the most important branches of mathematical analysis, particularly on account of its importance in boundary value problems in the theory of ordinary and partial differential equations. Integral equations occur in many fields of mechanics and mathematical physics.

Chapter-1: Basic Concepts
Chapter-2: Solution of Integral Equations
Chapter-3: Fredholm Integral Equations
Chapter-4: Hilbert Schmidt Theory
Chapter-5: Application of Integral Equations
Chapter-6: Singular Integral Equations
Chapter-7: Integral Transform Methods
Chapter-8: Modified Green's Function
Chapter-9: Higher Dimensional Green's Function
Chapter-10: Dirac Delta Function
Chapter-11: Perturbation Theory