Introduction to Propositional Logic

This book explores the fundamental concepts required to pursue a more in-depth understanding of propositional calculus (also called propositional logic, sentential calculus, or sentential logic).

1.1 Statements
1.2 Propositional Functions Quantifiers
1.3 Connectives
1.4 Types of Sentences
1.5 Use of Venn Diagrams in Checking Truth and Falsity of Statements
1.6 Truth Values and Truth Table
1.6 Tautology
1.7 Duality
1.8 Algebra of Statements
1.9 Validity of Arguments
1.10 Rules of Inference
1.11 Logical Identities
1.12 Well Formed Formulas (WFF)
1.13 Predicates and Quantifiers
1.14 Quantifiers and Logical Operators
1.15 Normal Forms