IT Tools and Business Systems IT Tools and Business Systems

IT Tools and Business Systems

The word "computer" has been derived from two words, mainly, Compute and Calculator. A computer is a device used for performing calculations automatically. Most of us use computers either at work or home. We can use computers for creating office documents or formatting presentations and at home we can use it for checking our e-mails, playing games, or browse Internet for local news updates.

The goal of this course is to present overview of IT tools used in day to day use of computers and database operations. The course has been designed to provide knowledge on various hardware and software components of computer, operating system, various packages used to different applications, database concepts & operations and various issues related to IT and application of IT.

At the end of the course the students will be able to:

  • Acquire the foundation level knowledge required to understand computer and its operations.
  • Understand the hardware and software components of the computer
  • Understand the basic concept of operating system and get knowledge about various different operating systems
  • Understand to use the packages of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation in detail
  • Understand various database concepts and operations.
  • Understand the issues related to IT and IT applications.

1. Computer Appreciation

2. Computer Organization

3. Operating System

4. Word Processing

5. Spreadsheet Package

6. Presentation Package

7. Database Operations

8. Information Technology and Society