Its Behaviour Stupid Its Behaviour Stupid

Its Behaviour Stupid

The premise of this book is that a leader's behaviour or, rather, the quality of their leadership delivery, drives the performance of the group or business for which they are accountable. This is irrespective of the size or scope of the leadership challenge. It applies to the case of a supervisor of check-out staff ; to the coach or captain of a cricket team; to the Head of a school or a Vice-Chancellor of a university; to the manager of a petro-chemical plant; or to a Chief Executive of a multi-national corporation. This statement is based upon research and management consultancy experience spanning over 25 years and involving the delivery of feedback in the context of leadership and career development with upwards of 20,000 managers.

CHAPTER 1 What do we mean by performance?
CHAPTER 2 People and the Climate in which they operate: The People Dimension
CHAPTER 3 The Leadership Dynamic
CHAPTER 4 The behaviours and competencies that drive leaders and their organisations' performance
CHAPTER 5 Why we do what we do: how the concept of Predispositions helps our understanding
CHAPTER 6 How Predisposition and Motivation influence actual behaviour
CHAPTER 7 Changing behaviour and making performance happen: a collection of case studies
CHAPTER 8 Weaving behaviour and Climate into the fabric of organisational life
CHAPTER 9 Summing it all up