Java Enterprise Edition : A Practical Approach Java Enterprise Edition : A Practical Approach

Java Enterprise Edition : A Practical Approach

This book Java Enterprise Edition: A Practical Approach is based on practical approach, and detailed introduction to Java Enterprise Edition (JEE). Adequate complete working examples with output are given for every concept explained in this book. Important APIs of JEE components are listed with explanation. One complete chapter is devoted for working with Oracle database, which is used as the data source in the illustrating examples, especially in explaining JDBC concepts. Overall, it is a definite quick-guide to beginners and intermediated to Java Enterprise Edition.
Key concepts covered in this book....

  • J2EE Architecture and Concepts
  • Java Enterprise Edition Components
  • Working with Oracle database [SQL, PL/SQL]
  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
  • HTML Form Elements and Data Access
  • Java Servlets
  • Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Tag Libraries and JSTL
  • Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services
  • Web Tools Platform (WTP)
  • Apache Axis2
  • Message Oriented Middleware and Java Messaging Service (JMS)
  • Apache ActiveMQ
  • Data Formatting and Internationalization
  • Deploying Web Applications in Apache Tomcat and Jetty
  • Project Management with Apache Maven
  1. J2EE: An introduction
  2. Working with Oracle database
  3. JDBC
  4. Understanding HTML form elements
  5. Java servlets
  6. Java servler packages (JSP)
  7. JSTL
  8. Service oriented architecture and web services
  9. Message oriented middleware and java messaging service
  10. Project management with Apache Maven
  11. Index