Leaders of Learning

Rob Stokoe, director of the highly-regarded Jumeirah English Speaking School in Dubai, examines with enthusiasm and passion the impact of purposeful leadership and the impact of key educational philosophies and thinking, all of which impacts on curriculum and student growth.

We are now well into the second decade of the 21st century. The ongoing evolution of our globally aware and connected society continues at a considerable pace, with sudden and all too frequent changes in direction. The demands and the potential for education are increasing and ever changing, as are the requirements for leadership and leaders of learning.

Despite the pace of change I believe we are living and working in the best of times. We now know so much more about how we learn, how our brains function and grow. Our collaborative networks are growing exponentially and educators are now globally connected. Furthermore there is a growing awareness and a deeper understanding emerging, a convergence of ideas, new and old, which are informing the educational debate. We have a job to do: to make informed, considered decisions, to be flexible and proactive, take risks in order to structure and define ways of learning and inquiry-based education which will best meet the needs of students who are the greatest resource humanity has. Our goal is simply to determine a meaningful and purposeful future for each and every student globally.

Chapter 1 A 21st century curriculum: the advent of boutique education
Chapter 2 Leaders of schools: architects of learning
Chapter 3 Building a school within a school
Chapter 4 Curiosity and creativity: conditions for learning
Chapter 5 Building capacity, sustainability and happy learners
Chapter 6 Well-being: a predictor of success
Chapter 7 Positive mindsets, positive learners
Chapter 8 Why do we think of a building when we talk about learning?
Chapter 9 A passion for excellence: leading a 'Blue Ocean' school
Chapter 10 The power and potential of play, by Ruth Burke
Chapter 11 Seeking the expert: teachers who recognise the moment
Chapter 12 Great teachers and great questions
Chapter 13 Transformational Leadership: Philosophy, Pedagogy and Courage.
Chapter 14 The learning disconnect
Chapter 15 Shifting sands

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