Leading Issues in e-Learning Research

Worthwhile reading for e-Learning research academics and scholars. This is a collection of important studies in the area of social research management. Compiled by a leading academic publisher.

By Dan Remenyi

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  • List of Contributing Authors
  • Introduction to Leading Issues in e-Learning Research MOOCs and Flip: What's Really Changing?
  • Designing for Quality: The Understanding Dementia MOOC Carolyn King, Jo-Anne Kelder, Kathleen Doherty, Rob Phillips, Fran McInerney, Justin Walls, Andrew Robinson and James Vickers
  • Forced Necessity: MOOCs in Post-Soviet Countries Daniyar Sapargaliyev
  • Developing Employability Skills in Humanities and Social Sciences using the Flipped Model Brenda Ravenscroft and Ulemu Luhanga
  • A Lecturer's Perception of the Adoption of the Inverted Classroom or Flipped Method of Curriculum Delivery in a Hydrology Course, in a Resource Poor University of Technology Eunice Ivala, Anton Thiart and Daniela Gachago
  • A Location-Based Object Identification Algorithm for Augmented Reality in Adaptive Mobile Learning Qing Tan, William Chang and Kinshuk
  • 'I am not a Person with a Creative Mind': Facilitating Creativity in the Undergraduate Curriculum Through a Design-Based Research Approach Denise Wood and Carolyn Bilsborow
  • Mobile Learning: A Kaleidoscope Marlena Kruger and Riana Bester
  • Negotiating the Triple Helix: Harnessing Technology for Transformation Maggie Hutchings, Anne Quinney and Kate Galvin