Leading Issues in Social Knowledge Management

Worthwhile reading for social research academics and scholars. This is a collection of important studies in the area of social research management. Compiled by a leading academic publish.

  • List of Contributors
  • Introduction to Leading Issues in Social Knowledge Management – A brief and personal history of Knowledge Management! David Gurteen
  • Is the Emergence of Social Software a Source of Knowledge Management Revival? Aurilla Aurelie Arntzen Bechina and Vincent Ribiere
  • Exploring Web 2.0 Applications as a Means of Bolstering up Knowledge Management Thomas Bebensee, Remko Helms, Marco Spruit
  • To Tweet or not to Tweet, that is the Question – Social Media as a Missed Opportunity for Knowledge Management Tim Wright, Stuart Watson, Daniela Castrataro
  • Knowledge Conversion and Social Networks in Driving Team Performance Minna Janhonen and Jan-Erik Johanson
  • Social Capital, Knowledge Sharing and Intellectual Capital in the Web 2.0 Enabled World Marguerite Cronk
  • Wikifailure: The Limitations of Technology for Knowledge Sharing Alexeis Garcia-Perez and Robert Ayres
  • Using Web 2.0 Technology in Work Based Learning Aboubakr Zade and Alan Durrant
  • Let Students Talk: Web 2.0? Web 3.0? Or None? Nazime Tuncay and Mustafa Tuncay
  • Web 2.0 as a Catalyst for Rethinking Teaching and Learning in Tertiary Education: A Case Study of KDU College (Malaysia) Alwyn Lau
  • Social Media Networking Tools (SMNT): Concepts, Challenges and Corollaries of Organisational Work Practices Aurilla Aurelie Bechina and Eli Hustad