Learning in a Digitalized Age

This book explores how educational technologies have enhanced and developed education and the importance of maintaining an all inclusive student-centered approach to teaching and learning using educational technologies.

All professional learning communities agree that there is added value in utilizing technologies to enhance and facilitate student success. Edited by Lawrence Burke, this volume seeks a critical and informed answer to one of the most important educational questions of the day: how successful will learners be in the digital age?

Chapter 1 A plugged in, turned on, totally engaged Model United Nations
Chapter 2 Considerations on a blended learning project
Chapter 3 Discussion boards as an extension of student learning
Chapter 3 Down the rabbit hole: the challenges of blended learning in an adult language program
Chapter 4 Heretical views from a digitally centric universe
Chapter 5 iPad therefore iLearn? Part 1
Chapter 6 iPad therefore iLearn? Part 2
Chapter 7 Key challenges in BYOD teaching and learning
Chapter 8 Kids can
Chapter 9 Musings on technological changes in a teaching and learning environment
Chapter 10 21st Century Learning from a 3rd Century BC Perspective
Chapter 11 Reflections around on-demand publishing
Chapter 12 Social media as an instructional tool
Chapter 13 The educational time machine
Chapter 14 The future is now, the future is flat
Chapter 15 The impact of technology overuse on child sensory development
Chapter 16 The need for inclusive accessible technologies for students with disabilities and learning difficulties
Chapter 17 Thoughts of a digital immigrant
Chapter 18 Through the looking glass: the transformational nature of digital learning in an EFL context
Chapter 19 What the brain says about digitally-driven education

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