Linux Kernal and Device Driver Programming

This book is written for students or professionals who quickly want to learn Linux Kernel programming and device driver development. Each chapter in this book is associated with code samples and code commentary so that the readers may quickly understand. The readers are expected to have C programming experience and minimum know how of Linux. Every chapter in this book has been written from basic so that readers have no difficulty in understanding them.

CHAPTER 1: Beginning Kernel Programming

CHAPTER 2: Application and Kernel Space Communication

CHAPTER 3: Linux Kernel Debugging

CHAPTER 4: Delayed Execution

CHAPTER 5: Kernel—Locking and Synchronization

CHAPTER 6: Linux Networking Subsystem

CHAPTER 7: Developing UART (Serial Port) Device Driver

CHAPTER 8: Developing USB Mass Storage Block Device Driver

CHAPTER 9: PCI Based Network Device Driver

CHAPTER 10: Memory Allocation and Miscellaneous Topics