Mahatma Gandhi And The Environment Mahatma Gandhi And The Environment

Mahatma Gandhi And The Environment

Throughout human history, there has probably not been a

person who has made such a difference to the lives of such a

large number of people during one single lifetime as Mahatma

Gandhi. Indeed, there have been religious leaders and

revolutionaries whose work has spread much beyond their

lifetimes, and in fact, most religions that have emerged over the

last 2000 years or so have spread only after their founders

departed from this world. Gandhiji is known as the father of the

nation by all Indians, who in 1947 numbered 345 million, perhaps

the largest number to have been influenced so profoundly by the actions

of one individual in his lifetime. This

culminated in the successful attainment of freedom by non-

violent means. But there are several aspects of Gandhiji's

contributions that have remained relatively unknown. One

such facet of his thought and beliefs was environmental

protection and ecological balance.


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