Management and Information System Management and Information System

Management and Information System

Management Information system is sets of inter-related procedures using IT infrastructure in a business enterprise to generate and disseminate desired information. Such systems are de-signed to support decision-making by the people associated with the enterprise in the process of attainment of its objectives. The business information system gets data and other resources of IT infrastructure as input from the environment and process them to satisfy the information needs of different entities associated with the business enterprise. This book incorporates following 15 chapters as well as Examples, Multiple Choice questions, and review questions.

  1. Fundamentals of information system
  2. Developing MIS systems
  3. Introduction to MIS
  4. Concept of planning and control
  5. Introduction to value chain
  6. Managing knowledge in information system
  7. Business applications of IT
  8. Introduction to enterprise resource planning
  9. Customer relationship management
  10. Introduction to supply chain management
  11. Procurement management
  12. Enterprise and global management
  13. Security and ethical challenges of IT
  14. Quality assurance and testing
  15. Cyber crimes and privacy issues
  16. Basics of management
  17. Basics of information
  18. Basics of system
  19. Computers and IT related techniques
  20. Glossary on management information systems