Management Information System Management Information System

Management Information System

This book has been written to meet the course on Management Information System for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of MBA, MCA, B.Tech., BBA and BCAM. Management Information System is an integral part of business management and company operations where students apply their knowledge to advanced practical applications of information technology for efficient and improved functioning of the organization. The author presents this book in a very lucid style such that even average student can understand the concepts and procedures of practical application of information system without much strain and with more zeal and interest. The text in this volume is divided into fifteen chapters supported with six appendices encompassing almost all areas and topics of Management Information System. The detail analysis of concepts illuminated with real life illustrative examples and incorporation of latest updates in this area are unique features of this book.
Written in a student-friendly manner, the book is enriched with the following features:

  • Detail analysis of topics covering the whole syllabus of Management Information System.
  • Straight forward approach to illustrate the concepts using daily life examples.
  • Each chapter is enriched with multiple choice and interview questions with answers.
  • Detail theory about the application of information technology in real situations.
  • Detail glossary of Management Information System.

Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Information System
Chapter 2 Developing MIS Systems
Chapter 3 Introduction to MIS
Chapter 4 Concept of Planning and Control
Chapter 5 Introduction to Value Chain
Chapter 6 Managing Knowledge in Information System
Chapter 7 Business Applications of IT
Chapter 8 Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning
Chapter 9 Customer Relationship Management
Chapter 10 Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Chapter 11 Procurement Management
Chapter 12 Enterprise and Global Management
Chapter 13 Security and Ethical Challenges of IT
Chapter 14 Quality Assurance and Testing
Chapter 15 Cyber Crimes and Privacy Issues