Mathematical Methods Mathematical Methods

Mathematical Methods

It has been written in a simple, lucid and easy to understand style. Number of problems have been worked out as illustrations. Most of the worked out examples and the problems given in the exercises have been taken from examination papers of JNTU to make students familiar with the type of questions. Hints and answers are given for the problems in the exercise to help students in self-learning.

Chapter 1. Matrices and Linear System of Equations
Chapter 2. Eigen Values, Eigen Vectors and Diagonalization of a Matrix
Chapter 3. Real, Complex Matrices and Quadratic Forms
Chapter 4. Solution of Algebric and Transcendental Equations
Chapter 5. Interpolation
Chapter 6. Curve Fitting
Chapter 7. Numerical Differentialtion and Integration
Chapter 8. Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations
Chapter 9. Fourier Series
Chapter 10. Fourier Integral Transforms
Chapter 11. Partial Differential Equations
Chapter 12. Z-Transforms