Matrices Matrices


This book is a complete treatise on Real Mathematics portion. Matrices also serves a vital role in Mathematical Physics and various other scientific fields. This book contains subject matter in an explicit, lucid and comprehensive manner. It identifies an essential framework which will be helpful to students sitting their respective universities graduate and postgraduate exams. The books straightforward and modern approach to the subject concept will also be of great help to students across different Engineering competitive exams. A number of simple and depictive illustrations are given along with a large number of solved and unsolved examples.

1. Introduction to Matrices
2. Some Special Types of Matrices
3. Elementary Transformations
4. Rank of a Matrix
5. Simultaneous Linear Equations
6. Linear Dependence of Vectors
7. Characteristic Roots and Characteristic Vectors
8. Cayley Hamilton Theorem
9. Diagonalisation of Matrices
10. Matrices & Determinants