Modelling And Finite Element Analysis Modelling And Finite Element Analysis

Modelling And Finite Element Analysis

This book has introductory materials on FEM. The book covers the basic principles and formulations related to the finite element method. Readers interested in collecting basic, starter information on FEM would be most benefited by this text. The full coverage of theory and problems makes the content interesting to readers of mechanical engineering. The attractive pedagogy with highlights of the chapters and the question banks, as well as the short viva-voce questions, make reading interesting and preparative. The self explanatory diagrams and solution to typical problems make this book different.

1. Introduction to Finite Element Method

2. Numerical Techniques in Finite Element Method

3. Variational Principles and Approximate Methods

4, Introduction to Theory of Elasticity

5. FEM Formulations of Bar Element

6. Finite Element Formulation of Beam Element

7. Finite Element Formulation of 2-Dimensional Elements

8. Higher Order Elements and Convergence Criteria

9. Heat Transfer and Finite Element Method


Questions from Exam Paper