Molecular Biology And Biotechnology Molecular Biology And Biotechnology

Molecular Biology And Biotechnology

The book is divided into four sections: Genomics, Proteomics, Quantitative Biochemistry, and Bioinformatics. For each topic, the basic principle/application is explained in the form of a brief introduction, followed by the actual method/ protocols with expected results, and a few short questions and direct references. I have included many protocols with which I've had practical experience. Efforts have also been made to include only the most commonly used protocols in Biomedical and Biotechnological studies. I hope that the book will be useful for students, technicians, and young faculty/researchers.

1. Initial Characterization of DNA

2. DNA Probe Preparation, Southern Blotting, and Hybridization

3. RFLP and SSCP Analysis of DNA

4. Protein–DNA Interaction

5. Plasmid DNA Analysis

6. Polymerase Chain Reaction

7. RNA Analysis Techniques

8. Gene or mRNA Expression in Cells/Tissues

9. Transcription Activity In Vivo

10. Apoptosis Analysis

11. Initial Preparations for Protein Analysis

12. Quantitative Determination of Proteins

13. Protein Separation and Analysis

14. Electroblotting, Dot/Slot Blotting, and Electroelution

15. Polyclonal Antibodies Production and Immunoanalysis

16. Protein–protein Interactions

17. Analysis of Biomolecules

18. Enzyme Kinetics and Enzyme Activity Analysis

19. Labelling of Proteins and its Uses

20. Statistical Analysis of Biochemical Data

21. Sequence Retrieval from Databases

22. Sequence Similarity Search

23. Protein Sequence and Structure Analysis

24. Nucleotide Sequence Analysis

25. Molecular Phylogeny