Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis

Numerical Analysis

This book covers key topics in the study area of Numerical Analysis. Numerical methods for the solution of differential equations have become particularly popular in recent years because modern technical problems lead to complicated equations seldom solvable in finite terms and also because calculating machines and electronic computers have become widely available. The numerical approach also has the advantage of allowing the actual work to be carried out by operators without a knowledge of higher mathematics or of physics, with a resulting economy of effort on the part of highly trained personnel.

Chapter 1 : The Calculus of Finite Differences

Chapter 2 : Interpolation with Equal Intervals

Chapter 3 : Interpolation with Unequal Intervals of the argument

Chapter 4 : Central Difference Interpolation Formulae

Chapter 5 : Solution of Algebraic and Transcendental Equations

Chapter 6 : Numerical Differentiation

Chapter 7 : Numerical Integration

Chapter 8 : Difference Equations

Chapter 9 : Linear Difference Equations and Generating Functions

Chapter 10 : Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations

Chapter 11 : Simultaneous Linear Algebraic Equations

Chapter 12 : Matrix Inversion

Chapter 13 : Algebraic Eigenvalue Problems