Objective Oriented Techniques Java Objective Oriented Techniques Java

Objective Oriented Techniques Java

​This book covers fundamental objective oriented techniques for Java. The basis of the object-oriented approach is as good as possible a representation of something that exists in the real world first in a model and later in an IT system. However, this representation will never completely correspond to reality. Everything in the real world, whether it is a living being, an object, or an idea, is so complex and has so many aspects, that this complexity can never be completely represented.

Chapter 1: Object Modeling

Chapter 2: Dynamic Modeling

Chapter 3: Functional Modeling

Chapter 4: What is Java?

Chapter 5: Java Data Types, Variables, Operator

Chapter 6: Your First Java Program

Chapter 7: Control Statements

Chapter 8: Java's Object Oriented and Rich Concept

Chapter 9: Multi Threading

Chapter 10: Input-Output and File Handling in Java

Chapter 11: Networking with Java

Chapter 12: GUI Programming Using Java

Chapter 13: Event Handling

Chapter 14: Java Swing

Chapter 15: Creating More GUI Controls in Java Swing

Chapter 16: Dialog Boxes and Alert Boxes

Chapter 17: Working with Database JDBC

Chapter 18: Jar File Java Archive (JAR)

Chapter 19: Bean Development Kit (BDK)

Chapter 20: Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

Chapter 21: Java Servlet

Chapter 22: Java Server Pages (JSP) and (EJB)

Chapter 23: Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)