Oliver Twist

Even before the completion of PickwickPapers, Dickens had published the first instalment of Oliver Twistin Bentley's Miscellany for February 1837. Oliver Twist was the first book published under his own name. His readers, accustomed to the light-hearted comedy of Pickwick Papers were taken bysurprise by the sombre tone of the new novel. But they were not disappointed. In this novel the appeared as a crusader for the oppressed. He showed how poor children like Oliver were condemn-ed to a miserable life while the laws framed by the Government brought prosperity to the selfish and petty officials like Mr Bumble.The story created a great impact on the minds of the readers.Oliver Twist became an eternal symbol for all the innocent but helpless victims and asking for a second helping became a myth.

1. The Life of Charles Dickens
2. The Works of Charles Dickens
3. Dickens as a Novelist
His Reputation
Social Satire
4. Dickens's Literary Milieu
5. Historical Background to 'Oliver Twist'
6. List of Characters and Places in 'Oliver Twist'
7. An Outline Story of 'Oliver Twist'
8. Detailed Summary of 'Oliver Twist' with Critical
9. Important Characters in 'Oliver Twist'
(1) Oliver
(2) Monks
(3) Mr Bumble
(4) Noah Claypole
(5) Mrs Mann
(6) Fagin
(7) Bill Sikes
(8) The Artful Dodger
(9) Charley Bates
(10) Nancy
(ll) Mr Brownlow
(12) Rose Maylie
10. Themes in 'Oliver Twist'
11. The Plot of 'Oliver Twist'
12. Social Criticism in 'Oliver Twist'
13. Humour in 'Oliver Twist'
14. Pathos in 'Oliver Twist'
15. Satire in 'Oliver Twist'