Oracle and My SQL - A Practical Approach Oracle and My SQL - A Practical Approach

Oracle and My SQL - A Practical Approach

Oracle is one of the most widely used database systems in the world, and MYSQL is the world's most popular open source database system. This book is an example-driven guide for beginners and intermediates to Oracle and MYSQL databases. It provides thorough introduction to Database Design, SQL, PL/SQL, and much more.

This book enriched with the following key concepts with code illustrations.

  • RDBMS Concepts and Usages
  • Database Design and Implications
  • Database Models and Representations
  • Database Keys and Constrains
  • Normalization and De-normalization
  • installation and Configuration of Oracle and MYSQL
  • Data definition Language SQL Commands
  • Data Access using Data Manipulation Language SQL Commands
  • Transaction in Database
  • Database Object: Table, View, Synonym, Sequence
  • Built-in Functions and Programs
  • PL/SQL, Triggers, Stored Procedures
  • Basic Administration, Privilege Management, Backup and Restore Databases

1. Introduction to Database System
1.0 Introduction
1.2 Database Keys
1.3 Normalization

2. Working with Oracle Database
2.0 Introduction
2.1 Installing Oracle
2.2 Adding/Deleting a User
2.3 Executing SQL Commands
2.4 SQL
2.5 Backup and Restore Databases
2.6 PL/SQL

3. Working with MySQL Database
3.0 Introduction
3.1 Installing MySQL
3.2 Creating/Dropping a Database Schema
3.3 Creating/Dropping a User
3.4 Data Types
3.5 SQL Commands
3.6 MySQL Storage Engines
3.7 MySQL Programs
3.8 Built-in Functions
3.9 PL/SQL
3.10 Illustrating Examples