Organic Synthesis Organic Synthesis

Organic Synthesis

The term organometallic generally denotes compounds in which organic groups are linked directly to the

metal through at least one carbon atom. The nature of such a bond between carbon and the metal may be

purely ionic (I) or purely covalent (II)

Chapter 1 : Reagents

Chapter 2 : Oxidation

Chapter 3 : Reduction

Chapter 4 : Molecular Rearrangements

Chapter 5 : Metallocenes, Non benzenoid Aromatics and Polycylic Aromatic Compounds

Chapter 6 : The Disconnection Approach

Chapter 7 : Protecting Groups

Chapter 8 : One Group C C Disconnections

Chapter 9 : Two Group Disconnections

Chapter 10 : Ring Synthesis

Chapter 11 : Synthesis of Some Complex Molecules