Paradise Lost: Book 1

A literary analysis

1. The Age of Milton (16251660)
2. John MiltonA Short Biographical Sketch
3. Milton's Character
4. The Poetical Works of Milton
5. Milton's Poetic Development
6. Milton's Poetical Characteristics
7. Early PoemsA Critical Assessment
8. Paradise LostAn Introduction
9. Paradise LostA Synopsis
10. Paradise LostCritical Approaches
11. The Personal and Autobiographical Elements in Paradise Lost
12. Is Satan The Hero of Paradise Lost?71
13. Epic Similes in Paradise Lost
14. Paradise LostIts Faults
15. Paradise Regained
16. Samson Agonistes
17. The Sonnets
18. Milton's Poetic Style
19. Milton Through the Centuries
20. Paradise Lost, Book I: A Synopsis
21. A Critical Summary of Book I
22. The Character of Satan
23. Milton's Hell
24. The Catalogue of Fallen Angels
25. Epic Similes and Their Function in Book I
[Text with Complete Paraphrase]
27. Notes
28. Explanations of Selected Passages with Reference to the Context