Plant Taxonomy Plant Taxonomy

Plant Taxonomy

Plant taxonomy is a fundamental science. It is recognized as the "focal

point of biology" based on the fact that it is related to morphology,

anatomy, embryology, cytology, chemistry, and evolution, as well as the

classification of plants. In order to understand the developments of this

science, the present volume attempts to provide a full scenario of plant

taxonomy. Thus, topics related to nomenclature, species and evolutionary

aspects, methods of identification, anatomical features, palynology, and

molecular systematics have been discussed.

1. Ethnobotanical Noah's Ark

2. Plant Nomenclature: an Overview

3. Plants of Delhi: Scientific Names and their Meaning

4. Species and Speciation

5. Modern Tools for Identification of Plants

6. Plant Taxonomy in Plant Genetic Resource Management

7. Indigenous Knowledge of Plants and Biopiracy in India

8. Herbaria and Data Information Systems in Plant Taxonomy

9. Phylogenetic Systematics

10. Plant Anatomy in Relation to Taxonomy

11. Chemotaxonomy

12. Cytotaxonomy and its Evolutionary Significance in the Evaluation of Orchidaceae and Cyperaceae

13. Palynology: Timeline

14. Role of Molecular Markers in Evaluation of Plant Diversity

15. E-flora: the Future of Floristic Documentation