Power of C# Power of C#

Power of C#

C# is an object oriented programming language and was developed by Microsoft expressly for its .NET platform. C# provides the features that are most important to programmers, such as object-oriented programming, graphics, graphical-user-interface (GUI) components, exception handling, multithreading, multimedia (audio, images, animation and video), file processing, prepackaged data structures, database processing, Internet and World-Wide-Web-based multi-tier application development, networking, Web services and distributed computing. The language is appropriate for implementing Internet and World-Wide-Web-based applications that integrate seamlessly with Windows-based applications.

What does this book Cover?

  • Explains what is C# and its feature
  • Object Oriented features of C#
  • Delegate and Event
  • Supercharge your programs using multiple threads
  • String Handling using C#
  • File Handling using C#
  • Effectively apply C#'s networking classes
  • Accessing Database with ADO.NET
  • Developing Window Application using Windows Form
  • Graphical Device Interface+
  • Creating Web service in C#
  • Creating and deploying .NET assemblies
  • Security features in C#

    1. Getting started with C#
    2. Data types and operators
    3. Control statements, arrays and functions
    4. Introduction to classes and inheritance
    5. Namespace and interface
    6. Delegates and events
    7. Attributes, structures and enums
    8. Exceptions handling
    9. Multithreading
    10. Properties and indexers
    11. Streams and files
    12. String handling
    13. Using collections
    14. Component, cross language interoperability and versioning
    15. Operator overloading and using of pointers
    16. Networking in C#
    17. Database connectivity using ADO.NET
    18. Window programming in C#
    19. Graphical device interface (GDI+)
    20. Web service
    21. Garbage collection
    22. XML in C#
    23. Introduction to assemblies
    24. XML documentation in C#
    25. Security features in C# and .NET
    26. Index