Pragmatic C (A Practical Approach) Pragmatic C (A Practical Approach)

Pragmatic C (A Practical Approach)

Pragmatic means "of practical significance". Students always prefer formats that make it easy to learn a subject and apply its concepts in practical situations. Therefore, this book has been written in a very friendly format to facilitate learning and application of the C Programming Language.

This book has been specifically written keeping the following types of students in mind:

  • New Programmers
  • Students of BCA/MCA (all universities)
  • All Engineering students
  • DOEACC O / A Level Students
  • Graduates preparing for interviews

    Many books on C are available to students but the most common complaint with these books is the difficulty in applying the concepts learned from the book. This book presents concepts in a comprehensive manner, illustrated with a variety of examples and provides enough problems to master the concepts. The assignment at the end of the book further enhances the confidence. The book enables the student to apply the concepts in practical situations, hence the name Pragmatic C.

    1. Introduction to C and Data Type
    2. Operators, Expressions and Assignments
    3. Control Flow
    4. Input and Output
    5. Pointers - I
    6. Functions
    7. Arrays
    8. Multidimensional Arrays
    9. Pointers - II
    10. Structures and Unions
    11. Files
    12. Pre-processing (A Summary)
    13. Linked List (Supplement for DOEACC '0'/'A' Level Students)