Principles of Management Principles of Management

Principles of Management

Management is an integral part of any industry with certain objectives. The growth, prosperity and efficiency of a business firm depends upon the quality of management. This text explores the importance of management and fundamental principles that every manager or student of management should become familiar with.

Questions and answers are provided at the end of each chapter to solidify the readers understanding of the subject matter presented.

Chapter 1: Meaning Function & Process
Chapter 2: Evolution of Management Thought
Chapter 3: Decision Making
Chapter 4: Planning: Introduction Concept & Process
Chapter 5: Organisation
Chapter 6: Line and Staff Authority
Chapter 7: Centralisation and Decentralisation
Chapter 8: Direction: Meaning, Principles and Techniques
Chapter 9: Leadership
Chapter 10: Motivation
Chapter 11: Controlling
Chapter 12: Co-ordination
Chapter 13: Communication