Privatization of electricity distribution - the Orissa experience

The electricity sector in different parts of the world has developed under different structures at different stages of growth and development. As against 80% of this industry being in the form of investor owned public utilities in the U.S., in most developing countries the power sector has been essentially under Government control. However, in recent years, this sector has been subjected to major initiatives in reform and restructuring in countries of the developed as
well as the developing world. Several segments of vertically integrated monopolies are being broken down into separate segments with ownership moving from the public to the private sector. The objectives of such efforts are essentially to promote competition and provide economic choices and higher levels of efficiency in supply.


The context of reform
Preparatory work for reform implementation
Reform blueprint
Unbundling and corporatizing the OSEB
Management contract
Process of disinvestment
Post-privatization scenario
Views on the outcome of reforms
Influence on other states